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)(🔥 Integration11 steps 28 mins
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Great job making time and space for integration! Find yourself a calm space, take some deep breaths, throw on some music, and connect with the energy of the party. Sights and smells, emotions and sensations, why you came. You will hear about ten prompts, and have three minutes to respond to each. Feel free to journal, voice record, or simply meditate on each prompt. You can always press pause or fast forward to the next question if desired.
What were your intentions going into Burning Man? How did they unfold for you?
What are some of your favorite memories? Moments of highest joy and aliveness? What don't you want to forget?
Take a little stretch. What were some challenging moments? Did any difficult emotions come up? How did you meet them?
Give yourself a hug. What did you learn about yourself, your relationships, and the world? What lessons are you taking away from the burn?
If you were to see a therapist or coach or a close friend this week, what moments or themes would you want to explore further?
What are you questioning after this experience? How can you live into those questions?
Take a big breath. Is there anything left unsaid or undone? Things to be cleared, acknowledgements and gratitude, commitments to follow through on?
How would you like to show up differently next time?
How can you take these lessons and the spirit of Burning Man forward into your daily life? What do you feel inspired to create?
Thank you for working with these integration prompts! You are loved. You are beautiful. Thank you. Blessings on your journey. Give yourself a kiss.